Social Media 101 Training Class

This is perfect for the start up, mom and pop or local business who isn't in a position to let Viral Vision Marketing run their entire online marketing efforts full time.  This will teach you the basics of what you need to know to at least be competitive in the market place.  It's a one time charge that will cover the following topics: 

Why you need social media/online marketing.  
What, where, when and how to post. 

Automation: It's your friend! 
Analytics and Data: The secrets to success. 

Introduction into Paid Advertising.  


This course runs between 3-5 hours and is a great place to start for any business who is looking to harness the power of social media in an up to date and effective method.  The best part is, we can do it virtually! So you can be anywhere in the country or down the street.  You'll have to make your own coffee though.  

Social Media 101 Training Class