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Nothing Comes Before Coffee

The story starts over a decade ago.  I lucked into the internet marketing industry armed with a strong ability in sales and a desire to learn.  I realized early on that I was a natural for marketing.  I am a dreamer, a visionary and a idea man.  So I poured a cup of coffee and set out on my journey.  Along the way I picked up a couple other dreamers and together we became Viral Vision Marketing.  A group of talented thought leaders who have the ability to see the potential and the value businesses bring in a way no one else can. 

This Is How We Started


We were founded


Won An Award For Excellence In Online Marketing


Grew the team by hiring 2 new people.


Nominated for 2 more awards for the business of the year and Excellence in Marketing. 

Digital Book

Viral Vision Marketing is not your standard cookie cutter online marketing company.  We are far from the normal.  In 2021 we made a huge pivot.  

With the changes in social media platforms we noticed that the reach and impact organic social media curation had was lessened.  In order to compete you have to incorporate a paid ad strategy.  

Paid ads and more video formats are the wave of the future and we are riding it strong in 2022! 

What we are doing is taking our unique and successful approach to content creation and pouring it into creating exciting, engaging and effective ad campaigns.  

We are still going to be be offering our organic content creation and curation like we did before, but only as an add-on to our paid advertising options.  Doing both will give you an edge that your competition won't have.  If you're serious about growing your business you should do both.  

We also know that video content for ads and on platforms like TikTok, Instagram and Snapchat are going to be more important than ever.  We will also be offering professional videography and video content creation as well.  

Let us take your vision viral! 

Filming a Music Video

Reasons You Need To Set Up A Discovery Call


We can show you results you didn't think were possible.


By creating good content in a good campaign we can reach new clients quickly. 


Let us help you generate more leads and gain new customers or patients.


Become a digital savage by letting us handle your content creation.

Reach Out Today, Your Competition Probably did. 

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