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Frequently Asked Questions

When you do things that are outside of the norm, you're going to get a lot of questions.  

  • Are you still offering organic content curation packages?
    Yes, we will never stop doing organic content creation and curation. However, we will ONLY be offering in addition to a paid ad package. If you really want to just pay us for organic content packages, it will require a 12 month contract and proper expecations.
  • What kind of paid ad budget do I need?
    Good question. It varies based upon how much room you have in your marketing budget, how lofty your objectives are and what you are comfortable with. We would reccomend at last a starting/testing budget of about $500-$1000 per month.
  • What's your go-to coffee order?
    Large Almond Milk Latte with Sugar Free Vanilla and a dash of cinnamon.
  • Why do you have to sign a contract?
    We have learned the hardway that people that are adverse to signing a contract for at least a year aren't serious about their online presense. We pour our heart and soul into what we do and we are fully commited to that. We only want to work with other people and businesses who are also fully commited. That's why we do one year contracts, without refunds and if you break your contract early you still owe for the remainder of that contract. Why? We want to make sure you're here for the long haul to reep all the rewards and benefits.
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