Viral Vision Marketing is a culmination of experiences in a variety of different fields, companies, and trial and error.  Founded in 2018, Viral Vision Marketing grew from the ashes of previous business ventures. See, we're not here trying to tell you that we don't know the struggle to find money to put into online marketing.  We existed for the sole purpose of helping out the mom and pop shops, the startups, the local business, and the side hustlers.  Throughout our time in online marketing and social media marketing, we've learned what it takes to make a business successful.  We now understand precisely how to be as effective as we can for you inside the budget you have set up for marketing.  

We're not like other marketing agencies in the area that have a cool downtown office, 25 employees, and the nicest cappuccino on the block.  (We have great coffee shops for that.)  We keep our overhead low, so we can keep our prices low.  We want to help you grow so that you can refer us to other people so we can grow.  We have over a decade of online marketing experience in a variety of areas online.  We aren't a photographer, graphic designer, or SEO professional masquerading as online marketers.  In fact, our in house photographer, SEO person, and graphic designer don't have a say in the marketing strategy.  We leave that work to the professionals we work with, and we stick to what we're good at, online marketing. 

That is why we are an excellent fit for your business!  Working with Viral Vision Marketing for all of your social media marketing and web design needs will allow you to spend more time working on your business and the tasks you are good at! Every business owner we talk to tells us that they all wish they had more time.  Imagine if we were able to free up another ten hours a week of your time.  What could you accomplish? What is the one thing you know you should be doing for your business that you're not doing? Yes, that thing that just popped into your head, what if you had time to do that?  Let us give you back that time and help bring you the kind of online attention you deserve.  

The Chief Caffeine Strategist

Shaun Hall was born in Rochelle, Illinois, way back in the early '80s.  As a child, Shaun was always a people person.  He learned at a young age that he had a gift.  No, it wasn't his soul-piercing blue eyes or his red locks.  He had the gift of gab and natural-born sales ability.  He is the Luke Skywalker to his father's Darth Vader.  


After he moved to Florida to pursue various higher education goals, he ended up where he always ended up in sales.  After working for a boiler room for a year and a half, Shaun found himself taking a seasonal door to door position with a multinational lawn service corporation.  Within three months, he was the highest selling door to door representative in the state.  Within six months, the country.  After a move to inside sales, be was number one in total sales in the nation.  Realizing that without relocating, he wouldn't be able to move up in the corporation any higher or make any more money, he decided it was time for a change.  That's when he entered the world of Affiliate Marketing.  It was a rocky start, but eventually, he was forged into an award-winning internet marketer.


 Taking his passion and ability to drive traffic and sales online all over the world, he wanted to do something for the local business.  There is no reason why the same principles wouldn't apply to them.  So that's how he took his passion for helping the little guy, and his entrepreneurial spirit and created Viral Vision Marketing.  Armed with his computer, some headphones, and good coffee, he's now making an impact for local businesses and helping out with a variety of non-profits.  He was one of the creators of Slack By The Sea, a fundraising event for The HOW Foundation of South Florida.  He was also the founder of Quarantine Culinary, a Facebook group that grew to over six thousand people in about a month. (Shameless plug.) So that's our fearless leader.


Sarah C.

Executive Direct, Nonprofit Foundation

Many people don't know that Shaun is the mastermind behind Viral Vision Marketing. He is not only talented but also works with you to set you up for success. He delivers detailed monthly templates on how you are going to reach your overall goals, and also works with you on establishing and maintaining a strong brand and presence in the community. His knowledge is only matched by his passion for helping others. His heart is so big! If you want a champion who is really going to put his heart into your company, Shaun is a great choice!